Facebook Advertising Specialist

Manel Gomez

Manel Gómez is a Facebook Advertising specialist with years of experience scaling eCommerce brands. He has managed over $4M in profitable ad spend and worked with 50+ brands worldwide, which has allowed him to grasp knowledge in many niches and different eCommerce structures. Nowadays he openly shares his learnings through his social media and different events.


“Top 5 lessons from profitably spending $4,000,000 on Facebook and Instagram Ads for eCommerce brands“

This talk will be a shortcut for any entrepreneur running Facebook Ads and wanting to scale profitably. Manel will share his top learnings and lessons as well as the biggest mistakes he made while scaling eCommerce brands to 5 figures per day in daily ad spend. You’ll discover his unique framework, how he deals with iOS 14 and tracking issues, and you’ll be able to join the Q&A session at the end to get your specific questions answered.

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