Catherine D. Henry
Live from Los Angeles

Catherine D. Henry

SVP Growth, Metaverse & Innovation Strategy, Media.Monks

Catherine D. Henry is a leading voice on the Metaverse, virtualization and how 5G, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are transforming business today. A seasoned economist, she combines futurism with creative technology and strategic implementation.

Catherine is currently SVP Growth, Metaverse & Innovation Strategy at Media.Monks, where she advises major global brands on how to enter the Metaverse by decoding technology and interactive experiences, helping brands negotiate new worlds, platforms and rules, from enterprise to entertainment.

She holds an MBA with a focus on Marketing, an MA in economics at the Johns Hopkins SAIS, also post-graduate work in immersive media & VR Filmmaking at NY Film Academy. Catherine has lived and worked extensively in Europe and Asia and speaks five languages.

Presentation Title

"Digital Selves, Virtual Worlds: How to Conquer the Metaverse"

Understanding the core dynamics of virtual communities and new social entities in the 3D web is hard. Join Catherine's keynote talk to learn the secret to creating exciting, engaging, buzz-worthy Metaverse experiences for any brand.