Clare Tattersall
Live from New York

Clare Tattersall

Founder, Digital Fashion Week NY

Clare Tattersall is the founder of Digital Fashion Week NY and CEO of ThunderLily.  

With two decades of experience innovating at the intersection of fashion design x technology, she develops tools and strategies to influence the future of the fashion industry and make the world a better place.  

She co-created a software to align the design-to-sales process into a single virtual experience and was named one of Columbia University Tech Ventures' portfolio startups.  

She consults with designers and brands to create smart garments and has launched workshops for young designers to explore engineering and technology through learning fashion design and wearable tech. 

Fireside Chat Title:

“Taking Fashion into the Metaverse 

A fireside chat with the founders of Digital Fashion Week NY and MetaTailor, analysizing the challenges of taking fashion into the Metaverse and discussing the technology that is providing the solutions.