Dimitris Dimitriadis

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Futurist & Member of the Special Secretary for Strategic Foresight, Presidency of the Greek Government

Devoted to ‘exploring’ the future and spotting the trends and technologies that are shaping our world. Dimitris is a ‘digital futurist’. His mission is to give the world a better understanding of how society, human interactions, and business will look like in the years to come. Member of the Special Secretary for Strategic Foresight at the Presidency of the Greek Government
As a public speaker on future trends, he gives his audience an optimistic, yet down-to-earth take on the future and how technologies disrupt everything we do. On the stage of conferences such as TEDxUOM, SocialMediaWeek, and Digital Communications Network, he answers the big and smaller questions that will define humanity: how do exponential technologies, such as AI, blockchain, and 3D printing, merge together and shape our world? What will the human-machine relationship look like? How will education, construction, medicine, and all other industries are being disrupted? 

Interacting with people has always been at the core of everything Dimitris undertakes. With an academic background in design interactions, and being part of the digital marketing world even before the birth of Facebook, soon along the way he decided to take the path of communication and storytelling. Also lecturer at CITY College, University of York Europe Campus , as a consultant and lately as a podcaster, co-hosting “Weekly Notes to My Future Self”, is the co-founder of TheFutureCats, an integrated digital marketing agency, as well as "ΕνΣΥΝαίσθηση", a volunteer platform harnessing the power of crowdfunding to solve homeless people direct needs. 

Presentation Title

"Public Policy for the Metaverse and why it matters for marketers!"

We're at an exciting point in time where we can now more fully understand the exceptional uses and applications of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. There's a massive responsibility to keep these technologies safe and ensure that the public has visibility over how their data is used and managed. A great opportunity to create an immersive future.