Justin Hochberg
Live from Los Angeles

Justin Hochberg

CEO & Co-Founder, Virtual Brand Group

Justin W. Hochberg, CEO of Virtual Brand Group (VBG), operates and markets businesses across the Metaverse by channeling Web 3.0 into immersive experiences that extend beyond games. Hochberg developed VBG as a way for consumers of all ages to virtually play, socialize, shop, and create products of their own in games and on the blockchain.

VBG has been recognized as a metaverse innovator in the Financial Times, WWD, Bloomberg, Vogue Business, BuzzFeed, among dozens of other global publications. VBG has introduced brands and businesses to new ways of marketing to consumers across the digital space. Notably, Hochberg also developed the Infinite Marketing Loop™ method that allows businesses to connect IRL with the metaverse by allowing users to enjoy a real world experience in the metaverse space, connecting back to a real world experience.

Over the last 25 years, Hochberg has amalgamated technology, content creation and more than 160 Fortune 1,000 brands into innovative consumer businesses resulting in over $500MM+ revenue. He launched more than 30 original TV programs, including global hit “The Apprentice” and supported Microsoft’s interactive TV business development unit as well as its first paid streaming service. Hochberg holds an M.B.A from Columbia Business School, as well as a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and focuses on putting brands into the Metaverse.

Presentation Title:

Monetizing the Metaverse: Successful Web 3 Brand Building 

Justin Hochberg, the CEO & Founder of Virtual Brand Group reveals how global fashion brand Forever 21 built an “omniverse” business connected to 200M new consumers in less than 5 months.

Join the session to learn the three immutable laws all brands (B2C and B2B) must know to execute a sustainable meta-business and the two worst mistakes.

Justin will showcase how to harness the power of communities, connect avatar commerce to IRL e-comm, gamify the customer journey, make you a believer in “spatial analytics” (with its tsunami of data) and bust multiple myths.