Maria Motsakou

Maria Motsakou

Channel Campaign Manager, Sneaker 10 | JD Group

Holder of Bachelor in Business Administration with a specialization in Economics and a Masters in E-Business and Digital Marketing (MA) in IHU.   

Currently, Maria is the Channel Campaign Manager of the leading sports fashion brand “Sneaker10”, member of the JD Group and Cosmos Group.

Presentation Title

“Metaverse: The Future of Retail”  

As COVID-19 restrictions have relaxed, shoppers are back into stores and brick and mortar is making a rebound. Even before the pandemic, consumers expressed a desire for a new kind of shopping experience. The world is changing, traditional stores seem old-fashioned – but are they actually? -and the METAverse is the new fashion around town. What does this new world have to offer to retail brands and is it time to start shifting focus?