Penny Kontogeorgou

Penny Kontogeorgou

Managing Partner, ZK Law & an e-Business and ICT Law Expert.

Penny’s private law practice spans over 20 years with a focus on supporting technology and innovations driven Businesses across all industries and sectors, shaping their business in the digital era. She has a strong legacy in Digital Transformation strategies, large scale IT Projects, e-Business and digital marketing structures of national and multinational organisations and in the expansion of a big number of start-ups.

Technologies 4.0 are not just buzzwords for her. She advices disrupters in payment on e-money and digital wallets and blockchain, whereas under her capacity as the Head Legal Officer of a multi-national Metaverse Art Platform on the go, she is advising on IP structures, Data compliance, Real Estate Sale and on NFTs, cryptocurrencies and deployment of other DeFi technologies in Metaverse.

Clients’ industries & sectors: ICT, Brands, Wholesale, Retailers, Platforms & Marketplaces, Fintech, AdTech, BioTech, FoodTech, HealthTech, Petrol & Oil, Shipping, Investors.


Presentation Title

"Snapping your Metaverse selling and branding strategy: Key legal issues to consider"

Is the Metaverse the current place to be for Brands? Is it a land of golden opportunities or a minefield of legal risks? Although the hype is real in the era of meta, it is still today an unexplored field with major legal considerations. In her presentation, Penny will address some of the inherent issues in selling and branding to avatars in this emerging environment.