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Tim Stewart

Tim Stewart is an industry expert with real practical experience and speaks regularly at conferences all around the world.

He has a background in media and advertising sales (print, online and sponsorship), budget planning, multi-channel campaign planning, commercial pitches, negotiation and account development.

Tim has been working in a variety of roles within digital for over two decades.

Over the last ten years he has become known for conversion optimisation, analytics, business intelligence, and related range of disciplines required to deliver ROI for his clients.

Tim works with companies, optimisation platforms and agencies of all sizes, ranging from SME and start-ups through to international enterprise level in both B2B and B2C sectors

In this time, he has planned and run well over 1,000 tests as well as building teams and optimisation processes that have delivered thousands more.

Tim runs providing digital consultancy on one-off projects and longer-term client contracts, optimising business and marketing performance using analytics and testing technologies. He is a regular contributor to specialist measurement and analytics communities on social media, blog content, and podcasts.


7 Habits for High Performing Landing Pages

The point where intent moves towards outcome, when acquisition meets first action: the Landing Page.

Get it wrong and this is also where budget meets wastage, where expectation converts to dissatisfaction.

You cannot solve all blockers only on the Landing Page, but you can add issues if you are not thoughtful.

If traffic you generate stumbles at the first step, your chance to convert at ANY time is minimal.

Your chance to convert this time is definitely gone.

In this talk Tim Stewart will cover common Landing Page issues and leave you with 7 (at least) key concepts to help maximise the potential from your hardest won traffic.

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