From Hype to Reality

Once upon a time, there was TV; then along came the Web and Social Media. Once every decade or so, something new emerges to transform the marketing industry and reshape the way we do business.

The metaverse is a lot more than just a trend. It is an exciting paradigm shift that presents a potentially major opportunity for brands. Yet, as it is still being defined and developed, the metaverse is a “terra nova”; a brand-new world filled both with exciting possibilities and question marks about how it will evolve and the risks that might come with it.

That’s why on June 1st 2022, All Things Metaverse brought together an all-star lineup of leading voices to inspire the 400+ , shed light on the topic and help businesses enter the metaverse successfully.

The metaverse is already here and it’s a blank canvas. Are you ready to shape it to your advantage?


Why you should attend

The metaverse is a lot more than just a trend. It is an exciting paradigm shift that will transform the marketing industry and reshape the way we do business. But at the same time, it can also be quite intimidating.

That’s why on June 1st All Things Metaverse will shed light on this brand-new world that comes with some risk but also potentially high reward.

Through several keynote talks, fireside chats & panel discussions, get ready to learn, among others:

• How the Metaverse is Transforming Brands
• How Brands are Monetizing the Metaverse
• NFTs for Brands: Best Practices & Takeaways
• How to Succeed with your Brand in the Metaverse: Do’s & Don’ts for a Sustainable Meta-Business
• Brand Safety in the Metaverse: What to consider so that your ‘Meta’ Colony Survives and Thrives

Top-notch Speakers

Only metaverse leading voices and pioneers who have already tested the waters will take the stage at the All Things Metaverse conference. True experts from the USA and Europe who will show what the metaverse is all about and what it could become.

Elite Networking

Hundreds of professionals from around Europe are expected to join All Things Metaverse. And even though we cannot get together in the flesh, our interactive online conference platform will ensure that you’ll get the chance to connect and discuss with attendees from different industries, disciplines, and markets.

Meet the


The conference will welcome on stage 10+ experts from Europe and North America, who will offer actionable insights and practical advice to help businesses enter the metaverse successfully.

International Speakers

Experts from Greece

Let’s work together

Being one of the first conferences globally to focus entirely on all things metaverse, this event presents a great opportunity for those providers eager to showcase their expertise, forge relationships and generate leads with businesses that are actively seeking solutions and guidance.

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